Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Holidays

We left Wednesday afternoon for Arkansas to spend Thanksgiving with family. Eric and I rode over with Dad, and he promised if we were ready to leave by noon he would take us a longer route but get us the best burger ever made... who would have guessed a little mom & pop burger place in Oxford, MS would be closed the day before Thanksgiving???? haha, a little duh on our part, that added extra driving time and got me a sonic burger... o well, food is food and we made it eventually. My grandparents left town Wednesday morning for a 6 week stay in AZ so we were able to stay at their house, however expecting your grandparents to have internet, especially your grandparents that live in the middle of literal nowhere is a little ridiculous, so Eric and I went over to Valerie's house to bum her internet and turn in his assignment that was due. Thursday Eric drove to Cabot to play in the Turkey Bowl then we drove out to my cousin's on my dad's side for Thanksgiving lunch... I've never been much of one for crowds, and I get tired easily now, so soon after we finished eating I talked Eric into going back to Grandma's to take a nap and take advantage of the quiet time to work on his paper he had due over the weekend as well. Friday we did not go Black Friday shopping... we were both too tired and didn't really NEED anything and driving to civilization was just too far, so we slept in. Friday night we got together with Colby, Katie, Valerie, David, Andrew, Johanna, Stuart, Whitney, Emily, and Jake and had dinner and played games. It was really fun to hang out with people our own age again! After we got back to grandma's my siblings were playing games, so we joined in and stayed up until 4AM playing cards... yeah, that's got to be some sort of pregnancy record... Saturday we borrowed Valerie's house again for Eric to turn in his paper and take a test... Valerie literally saved his butt this weekend... THANK YOU!!! Sunday our new little nephew Ryan was blessed in church and then we drove home... We were so tired after a long fun weekend! It is always fun spending time with family and friends!