Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet the Johnsons

Earlier in the summer, the owner of the company told us to choose a week and he would come work for us so we could take a vacation. So we decided to take him up on that last week. We were supposed to go to THE Sherwood Family Reunion in Arizona, but decided it would probably be better for Betsy to get to meet Eric's family. So last Wednesday we flew out to Utah. Our flight left at 6:30am and we didn't get off work until 12am, so we decided it would just be easier to pull an all-nighter. (Easier meaning we weren't exactly packed, had loads of laundry to do, and were going to TRY to clean the apt (that didn't happen)). So after packing all night and getting showered/bathing Betsy at 4am so we wouldn't be stinky when we got there, we drove to my brother's hotel where he woke up early to drop us off at the airport. (Big thanks to Josh!)
Getting through the airport on the way to Utah wasn't too bad. We packed all three of us in one suitcase and one carry on (plus diaper bag, laptop bag, and carseat). So we got rid of the suitcase at check-in, which didn't take too long and we got to take a shortcut through security. Our itinerary showed only one layover in Phoenix, so we thought flying shouldn't be too bad. What we didn't know is that Southwest will make stops in between and as long as you don't have to deplane, it doesn't show on your itinerary. (We call these "not-layovers".) So we had a "not-layover" in El Paso on the way to Phoenix. She did REALLY well between Dallas and El Paso, but I fed her right before we landed in El Paso and after sitting in the same spot for so long and was tired she was quite fussy after take off. The flight attendant asked if we could give her a bottle or paci, but since I had just fed her and she won't take a paci the answer was no. So the solution to the problem.... the flight attendant took her! After about 10 min she was returned to us and I was able to finally get her to fall asleep in my arms. From Phoenix to SLC she was pretty good, just whimpering.
Eric's dad had gotten back from a business trip earlier in the morning and had decided to wait the extra hours so he could meet us at the gate! He immediately removed Betsy from our arms and we made our way to baggage claim. On the way there, I hear "Sarah?". I turn around and see my aunt and uncle from Arkansas getting off their airplane... talk about a small world. Eric's sister met us down at the baggage claim while his mom drove around the airport waiting for us. Our first stop in Utah was at Wal-Mart to buy the essentials we didn't see much point in packing (diapers, baby food, etc.). Then on to the house where Eric's other sister and her husband were waiting for us.
The trip was exactly what we needed. Eric and I were SO burnt out from our schedule and definitely needed a break. His parent's house is so low key and relaxed. Betsy went down for a nap almost as soon as we got there and slept 5 hours, which allowed Eric and I to get a much needed nap. The rest of the trip was spent doing very minimal. Friday we did a little shopping with Eric's brother and his wife. Saturday we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple tour. Sunday we went to Eric's parents' ward. Conversation on the way there was about where Betsy would spend 3rd hour: Relief Society, Elder's Quorum, or High Priest Group. Sunday night Eric's parents invited anyone who wanted to come over and see their grandbaby. It was fun to see so many people again and meet some new people. Monday was spent packing and enjoying our last day of freedom before our flight back at 6:30am Tuesday. We were trying to pull another all-nighter to get everything ready. We went through a lot of our stuff that is still in Utah and were able to pack two extra bags to bring home with us. (Big thanks to Southwest for still allowing 2 bags per person FREE!) With everything basically packed at 2:30am, I was not feeling well at all, Eric and I both hit a wall and decided to lay down for a couple hours. We woke up a couple minutes late and between waking Betsy up, feeding, and getting her ready and the last minute things it was 5:20am before we left the house. It takes 45 min to get to the airport and our flight LEFT at 6:30am and THIS time we had 3 suitcases, carry on, carseat, laptop bag and diaper bag. Thank goodness for curbside check-in and family line at security. We hurried to the gate and were able to make it!
This time I planned her bottles around take-offs and landings and got her to at least chew on the paci during the in-betweens. The flights went pretty smoothly. We had another "not-layover" in Amarillo, but Betsy did really well. We landed at 12:05pm, made it back to the apt around 1pm and Betsy and I layed down for a nap and Eric got ready and went to work (sucks to be him). Betsy took a 5 hour nap waking up at 7pm. Stayed awake until 8:30ish when she started acting tired so I put her back down. I planned on waking her up around 10pm so she would sleep through the night for me, but Eric got home around 10pm so we decided to finish a movie we had started before our trip. We fell asleep during the movie and crawled in bed around midnight. First I got a bottle ready because I was SURE I was in for an early morning. After getting up several times between 6am and 8am to check on her, Betsy finally decided to crack her eyes open at 10 min to 10am! (I REALLY love that kid.) Then at 11am she does her tired signs, so I lay her down and at this moment it is after 2pm and she is STILL asleep. You would think I've gotten a lot done with all this alone time, but I've just enjoyed sitting on my couch, watching TV, and getting showered/dressed for the day. But alas, laundry calls.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lessons of Motherhood : Lesson 1

"Any bath is null and void if given before baby food."

exhibit A:

(yes that is green beans on her forehead, up the left nostril, and by her eye.)

I wake up this morning, give Betsy a bath, feed her a bottle and put her down for a nap. She woke up hungry, so I pull out the Green Beans she loves. I undress her before feeding because green beans and peas do not come out of clothes easily (which I guess would make this Lesson 2.) By the end of the bowl, this is what I have sitting in front of me. So now I have learned, do not bathe before eating; it is useless. You end up with a kid that looks like this and smells like green beans NOT Baby Magic.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby steps

Betsy turned 4 months old on the 4th of July! We started her on baby food, but she is still learning how a spoon is supposed to work. She still has yet to roll over, but Mom and Dad brought over a toy kind of like a walker, but with a bottom that is attached to the legs by rubber straps and whenver she pushes down it makes "boing" sounds. She loves it. She almost refuses to be in any position other than standing up and sitting straight up. She will not lean back in your lap, she strains and strains to be in the up-right position. She does like to lay down but not for extended periods of time like sitting up and standing up. Eric has been working with Betsy for a bit on walking... yeah, I know. She's 4 months old, but has been able to stand up in front of him holding his fingers and step forward with her right foot. Her left leg gave a little resistance in bending at the knee, which we were a little concerned with, but Eric has successfully gotten her taking steps with both feet. She had been doing it for awhile before I got the phone out to record her (we can't get video off our video camera onto the computer, so our phones are our only way to share such things.) So she was a little tired when I first started recording, at about 20 sec she starts doing it again... and I don't know how to flip the video... sorry, if anyone does please share.

Family Fun

My parents and my brother Josh and his family came to visit 4th of July weekend. Mom and Dad got here Thursday with Taryn and Edyn in tow. They were super excited to see Betsy, but Betsy had other feelings. For some reason anytime they would touch her she would scream at the top of her lungs until Eric or I came and got her. It was a little ridiculous! I was really worried about how she would react when 4 more people showed up the next day. But Friday she woke up in a better mood and even when the additional 4 faces appeared (making a total of 11 people in our 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment) she was not phased at all. The rest of the weekend she was her usual happy self.
We took the kids to Going Bonkers a huge play place that is any kid's dream come true. Saturday we went to The Stockyards in Fort Worth. It's like stepping back in time to the 1800s. They have a cattle drive and everything. The kids loved it, but it was unbearably hot! We forgot our camera, but snapped a couple on Amberly's but forgot to get them before they left. Hopefully I will get them soon and can post them.
Mom and Dad left Sunday morning, but Josh, Am, and kids hung out until Wednesday morning. Monday we took the kids swimming. The water was considerably warmer this time and Betsy seemed to enjoy it more. That night Am took Taryn, Edyn, and Gavin to Hannah Montana, while Josh, Eric and I hung out at the apartment with Londyn and Betsy.
Tuesday I took Am and the kids to Ikea for their first time. The kids had a blast playing with all the toys set out for them. Then that night Eric and I kept the kids so Josh and Am could go to the movies. It was really fun having them here to visit. It kept me and Betsy entertained. Now we are back to our usual boring lives and waiting for our week trip to Utah for Betsy to meet Eric's family later this month.

June update

Ok, I did it again... I went way too long without posting.
June was a good month. My cousin Valerie came to visit for a few days. It was fun to have her here. While she was here, we took Betsy swimming for the first time. The water was rather cold that day... it took all of us quite some time to lower ourselves into the water. Betsy was a trooper though. She never once cried. After 30 min I decided that was enough time in the sun for her... I'm afraid she has my skin and will burn easily and don't really want to deal with a little baby miserable from sunburn... so I put her in her carseat under the porch and she napped while we swam some more. Valerie also took more pictures for us. A few family pictures and of course a lot of Betsy pictures. We love Valerie. She is so awesome! The rest of June was pretty ordinary. Work, work, work. Here are a few pictures Val took:

This is probably my favorite picture of all time!

Family picture
Eric with Betsy
Me and Betsy
Just plain ol' Betsy