Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm terrible....

about updating. When we last saw the Johnsons things were crazy... well, not much has changed. The last month and a half has been one long whirlwind. From everyone being home for Halloween, then Eric's brother, Ben, and his wife, Hayley, came to visit us from Utah - which was a BLAST! Then everyone was back home for my dad to be released as Stake President (I've never seen the man so happy, j/k he enjoyed the past 10 years). Then it was Thanksgiving, and since then church has kept us pretty busy.
We did hit up the Black Friday sales and scored some pretty cool stuff. Christmas shopping was completed on that day and then some! Betsy has been sick since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving with a BAD runny nose. The poor kid sees a tissue and starts waving her arms automatically to block any wipes. I took her into the doctor for her 9 month check up and it turns out she has a left ear infection. Poor kid! She never complained much and takes her antibiotic like a champ. Her nose has cleared up immensely as well! And of course at the doctor's visit they measured and weighed her. We didn't get to see our usual person, and this guy didn't tell us the percentiles, but I came home and found a website to plug in her info. She weighs 18lbs 12oz and is 26 1/2 in long. According to the website that puts her in the 12th percentile for height (my family likes to tease us about our heights and just told us "duh" to this news) and the 42th percentile for weight. Other than the ear infection she is amazing! Back in November she started standing by herself and in December she added steps to her resume! She is pretty steady on her feet and will take 3 steps consecutively before deciding it's easier and faster to crawl.
She is a lot of fun right now. She is very interactive and loves to play. She can't wait for her daddy to get home at night and will try to jump into his arms (from mine) when he walks through the door. Unfortunately, Eric comes home filthy from head to toe and can't hold her until he showers and she gets a little upset at that. She also says "da da" now and at night when she is in her crib going to sleep I am grateful she can't say "ma ma" yet, because it absolutely breaks her daddy's heart to hear her calling his name from her crib... he's a softy.
Her first Christmas is around the corner and we are excited. Not that she knows what's going on, but it is a different dimension to our Christmas. I might as well say it now, because let's face it, I probably won't blog again before then, Merry Christmas!