Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 years....

Wednesday was our 3 year anniversary, so we went up to Memphis for the night. When we were dating Eric promised he would take me to a Memphis Grizzlies game, so 3 years later he decided to make good on his promise. We drove up and checked into the hotel, then drove over to Beale street. We went to the mall and bought our first little girl baby clothes... they are so cute!!! Then Eric bought me a rose and off to the game we went. After the game was over we walked to Hard Rock Cafe, and then back to the hotel. After we woke up in the morning we headed back to Tupelo for Eric to study for his midterm the next day. It was a short trip, but gave us a much needed break. We haven't gone out since before we got pregnant. It was so fun! We also got new phones with new phone numbers, so no more outdated Utah numbers! yay!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So this past weekend my brother, Josh, and his family came up friday. They have the cutest little kids. My parents went to visit my brother Andrew on Friday. Saturday Josh, Amberly, my sister Becky, and her husband Jermaine drove to Birmingham for the day leaving me with nine kids until Eric got home from playing basketball and my parents got home around 1pm bringing home Andrew's little boy Evan. Needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of the day! Sunday we all hung out together, then Monday I was 20 weeks... HALFWAY!!! Monday was also the big day of going to the doctor for an ultrasound!!! We got to see the baby moving around and sucking her thumb and were finally informed it is a GIRL!!! Little Elizabeth "Betsy" Sahara Johnson. We are both absolutely thrilled!!! Finally we can quit speculating, or calling her an "it." I'll have Eric scan the pictures and post them later. Monday evening we got in the car and drove Evan back to Andrew and Johanna's, then turned around and headed home first thing this morning so Eric could take yet another midterm today.... yes, I took a LONG nap this afternoon. Well, that is it for now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is it a girl????

So this past weekend we went to Arkansas. It was a fun, hectic weekend! We couldn't leave until Eric finished his homework on Friday, which took longer than expected, so we arrived later than expected. Friday night there was a get together for my grandparents anniversary... I'm not sure what year it was, but it is well over 50, I think 57 or something close to that... We didn't get there until after 9pm so most people had already left, but we did get to see the new babies in the family. After 10pm we headed to David and Valerie's for the night, but then had to wake up EARLY the next morning to be at my niece and nephew's soccer games in Cabot. It had been over 6 months since we'd seen them... They've gotten SO BIG. Eric loves soccer and really enjoyed watching them play. It brought back memories of when he played. It started to rain, so Dawn, Deserae, Tallin, Brodie, and I headed back to their house, while Nathan and Eric toughed it out through the rest of Jalen's game. After the boys got back, we ate lunch and then met the rest of my family (the one's in AR anyways) at the house of my cousin on my dad's side. We spent a few hours there before heading to Daniel and Lacey's for dinner, then it was back to Cabot for the men to go to Priesthood. We had planned on going back to Rose Bud that evening to spend more time with Valerie and hopefully see Colby and Katie, but Eric didn't get home from Priesthood until after 10pm, so we stayed the night at Nathan's. Then woke up in the morning and headed to Daniel's for breakfast and Conference, then drove home to Tupelo.... it was a packed weekend and we didn't get to see everyone we wanted, but it was fun to see those we did.
This week Eric has two midterms and a paper on top of his normal class work, so he's been really busy... I'll be REALLY glad when we're done with his school... that's just 3 years away (insert longing look).... but he did make time to go with me to the doctor yesterday, which made me one of the two out of ten people in the waiting room who had the father of the child with them... the highlight of the visit was hearing the baby's heart beat, reaffirming that everything is OK. The lady announced its heart rate was 160 and it was probably a girl.... Eric looked quite disturbed and later questioned me how much I paid her to say that. After the appointment we set up another appointment for an ultrasound... FINALLY!!! They asked me what day next week would work and I quickly informed them Monday would be great (if it had to be next week)! My sisters-in-law have been quick to comfort Eric and tell him the heart rate was wrong on all their kids, but Becky, who enjoys seeing Eric squirm, keeps reassuring him that it's a girl... until Monday, I guess that is what we will go with.... Oh yeah, I also think I felt the first kick last night... so that's pretty exciting too!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sinking in...

So this past weekend my sister and I went shopping and I bought some really cute maternity clothes... which are now almost a necessity... this whole thing is finally sinking in and seeming more real. It is still weird because we don't know what the sex is, so we can't pick a name, and that will definitely make it sink in, but we don't have our doctor's appointment until Oct 8th, and then that is when they will schedule our next ultrasound, so I still have to wait what seems like FOREVER... but I guess if I've made it 18 weeks, I can make it a couple more. That is about all that is going on right now...