Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another year has come and gone...

So, since I last posted I had my birthday! I am now OLDER than a quarter of a century... yikes! My mom came down to visit on my birthday and stayed the rest of the week. The evening of my birthday was a BYU folk dance festival here, but we decided we would sit this one out and offered to keep any of my nieces and nephews that were too young to appreciate it, so the rest of the family could enjoy the performance. Because we were babysitting and it was midweek, Eric decided we would celebrate my birthday 10 days later. Therefore, my birthday pretty much came and went as any other day. Later in the week, my siblings (read: sisters-in-law) got me a cheesecake (my FAVORITE dessert) and celebrated a little. That weekend was Mother's Day and Eric (being the thoughtful and awesome husband that he is) didn't want to mix the two holidays, so that weekend was specifically for Mother's Day. My mom left that Friday (after sewing all week for the grandkids here, check out the dress she made for Betsy!) and took Betsy with her for the week. Saturday, Eric made me breakfast in bed. Behold the awesomeness:

He's not exactly the most romantic/thoughtful guy, but he has his moments where he sure does shine!
We spent Saturday together running errands. After church Sunday, all the boys got together and grilled out. They even made the sides! It was a HUGE feast and was DELICIOUS!

The following week, was just Jet and I at home during the day. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE AND ADORE my Betsy, but... One kid is SO MUCH easier than two! I was able to get in some quality relaxation and run errands with just my little man. It was nice. Plus anytime I would start to miss Betsy, I would call her on the phone and would immediately be told how she never wanted to come home and she was going to live with Grandma... The little snot. At least I know she is happy, but she could at least pretend, for my benefit, to miss me...

Friday night, Eric finally took me out to celebrate my birthday with dinner at Red Lobster (YUM!) and rented The Vow from Redbox. Josh and Am kept Jetson for us. It was so nice to get out! Have I mentioned how lucky and grateful I am to live close to my awesome family??? Because I am.

Betsy got home Sunday night at 9:30 and was talking 90 miles a minute about EVERYTHING she got to do with Grandma! They went to the zoo at least 3 times and shopping everyday (where she would receive goodies every time), played on the playground outside Grandma's door anytime she wanted, and got to go swimming/splash pad! By the time she was finished, I was pretty sure I wanted to go live with Grandma! ;)

So Monday to keep Betsy from going into a huge depression over being back home, I took her to one of her favorite places in the world... HEB. HEB is a magical place with all the food anybody could ever want... yep, it's a grocery store and Betsy LOVES it. Then after HEB I took her to the Library to pick out some books, then rented her a movie at the Redbox... Take THAT Grandma!

Life is now back to normal and All Is Well. :)

Here's some photos for fun:

I give up control for one week and this is how my mom let's her run around...

The dress my mom made Betsy
Finally snapped a picture of him standing up!
Such a happy boy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jetson - 11 months

Also this week, Jetson hit the big 11 months! I can't believe how fast my baby has grown and that is birthday is RIGHT around the corner! Since the blog as skimmed over most of his life, I thought I would take a moment and dedicate a post to my little man.

At 11 months he:

  • crawls EVERYWHERE!
  • pulls up on things
  • has stood up in the middle of the room twice (lasted about 10-15 seconds each, haven't been able to get a picture to prove to his daddy...)
  • eats pretty much anything we do
  • is breaking from the bottle (he hasn't had one yet today, I plan to replace everything but his night bottle with the sippy cup, then cut out the last one at 1 year. He has not resisted in the least.)
  • is generally happy (as long as you don't mess with his schedule)
  • takes 2 naps a day
  • sleeps on average 12 hours a night
  • only has a paci when he's in his crib (or in public and gets fussy)
  • wakes up and talks to himself for awhile
  • prefers his daddy to his mommy (not fair, Eric has his "daddy's girl". He was supposed to be my "momma's boy".)
  • prefers his mommy to strangers (THANK GOODNESS!)
  • that said, he's pretty friendly to everyone
  • hits his head A LOT!
  • has 4 teeth (finally!)
  • says very few words (he breaks out an audible word every now and then, but doesn't use them with regularity.)
  • laughs at everything
  • LOVES his sister
My little stud!
                                   WE LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!!!

Fun Stuff This Week

This week has been full of fun stuff!
On Tuesday we went to the Library for the weekly story time. This week was the "Graduation" party. They don't do story time in the summers so this was the last one of the year. They made the kids "Graduation Caps" and certificates. Then called each child up to come get their certificate and a goody bag, which included a coupon for Sonic, a candy bar, and a book. Betsy was so excited! She still carries her certificate around telling me, "I got dis at da libary!" I also let Betsy get her very own library card with her picture on it. After we filled out the form and turned it in, the guy asked us to step over to have her picture taken. Betsy replied with, "Booyah!" I don't know where she gets this stuff... After the certificates were handed out they served lunch which included hot dogs, cheese puffs, wafers, oreos, and watermelon.

My little graduate!
Getting her certificate and goody bag
Wednesday is playgroup day. We have an awesome group of moms we meet with every week at one of the local parks (we change the location periodically to keep things interesting)(Fun fact: Laredo has over 95 parks!). Lately we have discovered the park and pool of an apartment complex a couple of moms live in. I don't have pictures of the playground, but it is 3 stories high... it is CRAZY! Betsy went down the slide from the tallest story on her own with no problem and I was amazed! The pool at the complex, well let's just say calling it a pool is an insult... it is AWESOME!
Even though it is Jetson friendly, he was NOT impressed... It doesn't help that playgoup is ALWAYS during his nap time...
Betsy LOVED it!

Most of the pool is only like 2 feet deep, but at the far end it goes to 4 feet.
Tell me that isn't cool... You can't.

Thursday I won a free Artisan Pizza from Domino's. So we ordered the the Bacon/Chicken one and threw on an order of Parmesan Bites for the kids. They were both pretty good. When I went to pick them up they threw on some cinnamon bread and dipping sauce for free!!! Woot Woot! So for $3.24 we got a medium pizza, parmesan bites w/ dipping sauce AND some cinnamon bread! AND I didn't have to cook AND clean up was a breeze. I was pleased!! :)