Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Boy Johnson

OK, I started this entry back in March, but am just getting around to posting it. I know, I'm a slacker... Not much has changed except I am now 34 weeks.

I am currently 29 weeks along with baby boy. The sickness of the 1st/beginning of 2nd trimester is gone and I feel fine aside from being tired all the time. I remember with Betsy after the sickness passed the pregnancy was a breeze. Even up until my due date I had no real complaints and was perfectly fine being pregnant the rest of my life... not so much with this pregnancy. I don't know if it is because this time I have Betsy to chase after all day or what, but I just have ZERO energy, ache a lot, and am ready for this little guy to be OUT!

His official due date is June 8. All of my doctor's visits have gone fine. We had our 4th ultrasound of the little guy yesterday and it was in 3d! It was really neat to see his little features. She said he is measuring perfectly on schedule and weighs about 3lbs right now. He is head down, but was facing my spinal cord yesterday so it made it hard to get a good shot of his face. She spent quite a bit of time prodding my stomach trying to get him to turn around. Anytime he would finally turn over he would put his hands in front of his face like he knew that's what we wanted to see! He's EXTREMELY active, especially anytime I try to lay down whether it be for a nap or at bedtime. If his activeness and stubbornness from the ultrasound are any indication of what to expect from this kid, I'm already starting to get overwhelmed about being a parent of 2! Betsy is already a handful! We are super excited about his arrival and can't wait to hold him in our arms.

Presenting Betsy: The Terrib...errr... Terrific Two Year Old!

Betsy on her 2nd birthday!
Betsy turned 2 on Mar 4th. We had a small birthday party for her at Josh and Amberly's house (we currently don't have a dining table, so it's hard to host things at our house). Her cousins in Laredo were all in attendance. While we were living with Josh and Am last fall Betsy really got into the show Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr. So I decided then I would make her cake the character Milli from the show.

This is Milli from the show... and This is the cake I made.

Betsy, in my unbiased opinion, is a complete doll, FULL of personality, hilarious, and extremely stubborn. She likes to put things inside other things... for instance, toys into the laundry hamper, legos into her purse, etc. She is totally a little girl and LOVES all things princess, to put bows in her hair, dress up, and have her nails painted. That's not to say she doesn't extremely enjoy cars and balls, which makes her daddy happy too. She loves to play with her cousins and asks for them each day, but plays well by herself as well. She finally has the attention span to make it through a movie. Her favorite tv show at the moment is "Duper Why" aka "Super Why" from PBS. She asks for it SEVERAL times a day. She talks up a storm and can say anything you can imagine... she surprises me often with her vocabulary. She LOVES music. She requests that we sing with her often and anytime music comes on TV or radio she just can't help herself and her little hips start shakin'. She's so funny to watch and she has got some moves.

She has many quirks which crack Eric and I up. She is very sensitive to the way things feel. She still doesn't care for sticky things, such as stickers and freaks out if one touches her. She rubs things on her lips absent-mindedly. She HATES tags in her clothes and complains that they "hurt". We try to explain to her that they don't "hurt" they are "itchy"... we're making progress here. She is a child of routine! We started saying prayers before bedtime a couple of months ago. She is very good at repeating them and has even started to add in her own thoughts every now and then and can foresee where you're going and sometimes complete the thought on her own. Last month Eric's parents got us the animated scriptures as part of her b-day present and so we added in reading scriptures each night. She'll repeat anywhere from a few sentences to a paragraph depending on her mood. So each night I'll give her the cue and say "It's time." and she knows to go get her diaper and pjs. As soon as she is changed she says, "skiptures, skiptures" and after we read scriptures, she immediately begins asking for "pers". After prayers she runs to climb into bed. For all the heck she gives me during the day and displays her little defiant personality, she makes nighttime a dream. She has also gotten to where she demands to say prayers before her nap in the afternoon.

As far as her physical appearance goes, she's finally starting to grow a little hair. The back is FULL of curl when it's wet or if I put product in it, but if she sleeps on it she flattens it out and she just has a mullet. She's still a pretty petite child. She weighs 24lbs and can still wear some 12 mo clothes. I just barely moved her out of size 3 diapers and we are hoping to get the potty training thing underway soon.

That is basically my Betsy in a nutshell. She takes up all of my time and I wonder how she will adjust to the new baby... Time will tell. We talk to her about him a lot, but I don't think she really grasps the concept.