Friday, June 27, 2008

Awesome bosses

This post is to awesome bosses everywhere, because not many of them exist... j/k. So Tuesday Eric and I had planned on driving down the Boca Raton for the evening. On Monday we found out that the owner of the company would be arriving Tuesday night and popping into the office. So we called him Tuesday morning to make sure it was ok if we still went to down to Boca and he was not only ok with it, but offered to work for Eric so we wouldn't be interrupted by phone calls the whole time. So on the way back, Eric called to say we were almost there and Shandon (boss man) tells Eric not to worry about coming back in. Except Eric and I had planned on working on a map code project that was assigned to us and has to be completed by Saturday night, so Shandon realized he didn't have a key to the office and so he told Eric, "Just drive up here, and seriously dude, throw the key at me and run!" So when we get to the office we explain that we have to work on the map codes and he's like, "No way, you guys deserve a night off, I'm here, I'm going to do your job, and you're going to leave or you're fired! Go out and take Sarah to dinner and a movie." So then as we're walking out the door, I jokingly say, "Are you kidding? Do you know who I'm married to? I don't even know what a movie is!" Shandon yells, "STOP! WHAT? HERE! and throws his credit card at Eric and insists we go out on the town that night. Then he clarifies, "and I don't mean Applebee's... you take her someplace nice." So Eric looks at me and jokingly says, "Right, so Ruth's Chris it is..." For those who don't know Ruth's Chris is a ridiculously expensive steak house. Eric and I have been wanting to go for two years now, but just can't ever justify spending THAT kind of money. Anyways, so to our shock, Shandon is like "YES!!! RUTH'S CHRIS GO GET OUT OF HERE!!" Eric and I are both in shock and like "No way, we aren't going there, we were just kidding." Anyways, long story short he insisted and told Eric to bring him the receipt the next day and if it was some place like Applebee's that we went to, we were fired. So Eric and I leave still not sure if we should take him seriously on the whole Ruth's Chris thing... but then decide, "what the heck, if we don't go now, we never will..." Oh my gosh... Those were the best steaks we've ever eaten in our lives!!! Eric and I felt so out of place there. But it was AWESOME! I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you can get it for free! Afterwards, Eric was feeling really guilty about how much it cost so he decided to slip some cash folded in the receipt when he handed it to Shandon the next day just before he was leaving.... It was the funniest thing ever! Shandon just slipped it in his pocket and walked out the door, got in his truck and started backing out.... at which point, he slammed on the breaks, came running back in the office and threw the money at Eric, yelled, "What the HECK is THAT?" and ran back out the door. Eric and I were rolling on the floor laughing. We LOVE the guys we work for, not to mention the other owner Tom is coming next week to cover for us so we can fly to Utah for Eric's sister's wedding. We have the best bosses in the world!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My mom and dad came to see me!!!

I'm a really bad procrastinator, but this was one of the highlights of my summer, so I can't leave it out. My parents came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. At first we were a little worried they might not make it! Their plane caught on fire shortly after taking off in Memphis and they had to do an emergency landing on the FEDEX runway! After a short delay, they ended up putting them BACK ON THE SAME PLANE!!!! but they did arrive safely so we were really glad about that. Once they got here the fun began... we took my mom to get a mani/pedi for a late mother's day gift, and hit just about every beach on the eastern border of Florida.

We also drove down to Key West over the weekend to see what it had to offer... which we found out wasn't too much. I think we spent a total of 30 min on the island. We did have authentic Key Lime Pie which was delicious!

Then we went and took an airboat ride through the Everglades. That was really fun! There was this cute little boy on the boat with us and all the alligators kept coming on mine and Eric's side of the boat, so we asked his mom if she wanted him to come sit with us so he could see. So he ended up sitting the rest of the ride on my lap and asking Eric "Do you see any crocodiles??" every 30 seconds... he was so cute! He cried after the ride was over because he didn't want to leave me. On Memorial Day my parent's bought the stuff to barbeque for all the sales reps and it was a blast! The next day we went to Orlando for the day and visited Deseret Ranch. The church has a 312,000 acre ranch just outside of Orlando... WHO KNEW??!?!?!